Apple iPhone 5 Specifications, Price and Features

January 30, 2013

It’s already too late to write something about this product. iPhone Rumors is very big one before its release, about it’s features and expectation from the company. But after its release it’s not that much satisfied product as expected by consumer. Still iPhone reserve it’s own area in market, there are many apple fans those are very much attracted towards Apple Product like me.

After discussion of it’s problem and faults over internet forum/blog/communities and other media, still it is a excellent performing device with not impressive feature. Camera and Apple Map problem in iPhone 5 goes huge in discussion over media, iphone mostly popular for its good quality and standard of camera. This problem doesn’t affect sales of this product.

Overall iPhone is an excellent mobile device which will score more than 95 out of 100. It have some good features, expected level of features are not their. As iPhone don’t have NFC, Java support Rs. 45k is little more value for this device. And Performance of this device is much better than Samsung Galaxy S3 (takeover smartphone sale in market). Also Internet browsing experience is much better than other smartphone device.

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Apple iPhone 5 Specifications
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