Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specifications, Price and Features

April 16, 2013

Now Samsung making many type of smartphones and smartphone like devices. Even it have different in name but its hardware and software specifications are not much different from it’s other device. If we are thinking about comparison between Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3, there is not much more difference between each other. In some cases of specs Note 2 have higher value than S3 and in some S3 have higher value than Note 2. Only bad point between comparison of Galaxy S3 and Note 2 is Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have less pixel density than Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone.

If we are thinking about latest Galaxy S Series, it’s S4 then it is much pretty good in some important specs like Galaxy S4 have higher Processor, Pixel Density, Main Camera etc. But if we consider price for device according to its features and specs then we can consider to think about comparison between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Specifications

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